Odessa Art School № 11 is a specialized primary art educational institution, established in Odessa, Ukraine in 1974 in the newly built building secondary school № 100 (Varnenskaya str.,12).

The main goals and objectives of the school are children’s music education, development of their creative abilities, enrichment of their emotional and aesthetic experience, mastering knowledge in the field of national and world culture and art.

Arts education embraces both artistic education, that is the child making art, and aesthetic education, the child as receiver of art. A comprehensive arts education provides a rich and engaging curriculum that develops pupils' abilities to think, reason, and understand the world and its cultures. It offers pupils opportunities to respond, perform, and create in the arts. The arts instill in our pupils the habits of mind that last a lifetime: analytical skills, the ability to solve problems, perseverance, and a drive for excellence. The creative skills children develop through the arts carry them toward new ideas, new experiences, and new challenges, as well as offering personal satisfaction. The arts are a vital part of doing this and of ensuring that every pupil can achieve his or her potential and contribute fully to our society.

Over the years, more than 4,000 students have received primary music education at the school.

After graduating from Odessa Art School № 11, many of them continued their studies at higher art education institutions and became professional musicians, teachers, and performers.

The Odessa Art School № 11 currently has 45 teachers with appropriate professional music education. At the moment 366 students are studying at the school, in 6 departments: piano, synthesizer; stringed instruments (violin, cello); folk (accordion, domra, balalaika, guitar, bandura); wind (flute, clarinet, saxophone, percussion); vocal (study the art of vocals); theoretical (theory and history of music).

Pupils of the school are active participants in numerous cultural and artistic events, winners of various competitions in Ukraine and around the world.

The school is subordinated by the Department of Culture and Arts of the Odessa City Council. The institution is maintained at the expense of the budget of Odessa which finances more than 90% of the needs of the educational institution (about 9% of the costs are provided by the parent’s tuition fee).

The educational process at school is carried out in accordance with the laws of Ukraine “ On Education” and “On Extracurricular Education” according to educational programs of elementary, secondary (basic), and advanced levels of primary art education. A graduate of the institution who has successfully completed the curriculum and passed the final examinations receive a certificate of Extracurricular Education and supplement to it specifying the scores earned for educational achievements.

The school is the founder and organizer of the All-Ukrainian Open Youth Music Competition “Step to Success”. The competition is held every two years in 3 nominations: “Piano/Violin Solo Performance”, “Piano/ Violin Concerto Soloist with the Orchestra”, and “The Art of Music Composition”.

How to Enroll in School?

By 6 years of age, children are admitted to the school. Typically, the number of children wishing to enter the school exceeds the number of open positions. Enrollment of students in the school is based on the results of a competitive audition which takes place in June.

During the competitive listening the child must show musical abilities: prepare 1-2 songs; memorize and repeat short melodies, pitches, and rhythms. The child must show certain intellectual abilities: answer questions, know and read children's poems, marching with music, etc. To prepare children for the exam, the school holds consultations before the entrance competitive audition.