It has been a challenging 2020-2021 academic year for many people. There were also beautiful, bright moments that sustained us through the darkest times, especially when we had the opportunity to perform on the stage of the Odessa Regional Philharmonic.

The concert was dedicated to the celebration of Europe Day in Ukraine. The performance ran very smoothly and the audience loved them. When children were on stage they saw how all the practice and hard work come together and they understood the importance of keeping an eye on their friends without their teacher there to direct them. It was an impressive performance of teamwork, empathy, initiative, and independence from all the children on stage. They also got to experience how it feels afterward – the pride of having been on stage and the joy of seeing their friends perform too.

In Odessa, once every three years, there is a regional competition of choirs of students of art schools. This year 69 art schools participated in the event. The choir of the junior students of the Odessa Art School № 11took first place at the competition. We express our gratitude to the young specialist Naidanova O.V. and concertmaster Pavlenko S.M.

Our star Albina Shumakova became the diploma-winner at the International Robert Schumann Competition. We sincerely congratulate her teacher Y.S. Zabayratska and Albina’s parents on this serious achievement!

A few years ago the Department of Folk Instruments of the Odessa Art School № 11 was reduced to the guitar and bandura classes. Due to the fact that young highly professional teachers came to work at the school, today children are able to attend accordion, domra, and balalaika classes.

Congratulations to the prize winners of the 2nd degree-Bunko Eugene and Shatalov Myroslav at the All-Ukrainian Competition of Folk Instruments “Provesin”! (teacher Trykulich M.O.)

Since 2000 in the museum. NK Roerich hosts Sunday concerts of instrumental music by students of the Odessa Specialized Music School. prof. P.S. Stolyarsky and students of the Odessa National Academy of Music. A.V. Nezhdanova.

On February 18, another concert took place, organized by Acting Associate Professor of the Odessa National Music Academy. A.V. Nezhdanova, head of the string department OSSMSH them. P.S. Stolyarsky Anna Mikhailovna Lapteva. The concert was also attended by students of DMSH №  11: Ignatova Anna (2nd grade), Voropaev Victor (2nd grade) and Ogannisyan Anna (8th grade). All of them are students of Lazareva Olena Rufimovna. The complex program performed by the young musicians was highly appreciated by the grateful listeners.

With the support of the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Odessa City Council, Odessa hosted the city Competition “Young Virtuoso” organized by Art School № 1.

18 students of Art School № 11 took part in the Competition, 12 of which are among the winners. Congratulations to all students and teachers of the school with a great result!
1st Prize V
oropaev Victor- 9 years old, piano; teacher- Lazareva E.R.
Filipino Maxim-10 years old, piano; teacher-Lavrinenko T.V.
Shakkuf Mariam-11 years old, piano; teacher-Lavrinenko T.V.
Adamenko Anna-10years old, violin; teacher-Demina T.S., concertmaster-Lavrinenko T.V.
2nd Prize
Anna Ogannisyan-15 years old, piano; teacher-Lazareva E.R.
Pohrebetska Daryna-11 years old, violin; teacher-Demina T.S., concertmaster-Lavrinenko T.V.
3rd Prize
Berdnikov Tikhon-9 years old, piano; teacher-Zabayratska Y.S.
Yanchiv Dmytro-9 years old, piano; teacher-Kirilenko L.V.
Mitin Boris-11 years old, violin; teacher-Demina T.S., concertmaster-Lavrinenko T.V.
Zhuravska Diana-8 years old, violin; teacher-Brovchenko E.I., concertmaster-Romanenko O.S.
Marcinowska Raisa-10 years old, cello; teacher-Kalutsky A.A, concertmaster-Sokolova K.V.

International Festival-Competition ”Accordion Days”

International festival-competition “Dani harmonice” (Serbia). Winners of the 1st prize in the category “Chamber Ensembles” are teachers of the Art School № 11 - Inna Pogribna, Maryna Trykulich, Olena Lysenko.

International Competition for young pianists in memory of Vladimir Horowitz

Since 2002, the Competition has been a member of the European Union of Music Competitions for Youth (EMCY) and since 2004 it is the only Competition in Ukraine that has become a member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions (WFIMC), which in its status equals to organizations such as the Olympic Committee, FIFA, UNESCO, WHO.

The current XI Competition in memory of Vladimir Horowitz was attended by young pianists from Belarus, China, students of Art School of Ukraine, including the Kyiv Specialized Secondary Music boarding school named after M. Lysenko (KSSMS).

Among the winners in the category “Horowitz-Debut” a student of the Odessa Art School № 11- Albina Shumakova (3rd Prize; teacher- Zabayratska Y.S.)

On May 8th, 2019 at the Golden Hall of Odessa Literary Museum, took place 3rd City Festival of Chamber Ensembles of Odessa Art Schools.

The festival is organized by Odessa Art School № 11 and held with the support of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Odessa City Council.

The festival was attended by 15 musical groups from 12 different Art Schools of Odessa, who performed musical works of various styles and genres-from the Baroque era to Contemporary music.

The participants of the festival demonstrated a high level of performing skills and professionalism.

"A real teacher demonstrates and inspires!"- these words of outstanding Ukrainian teacher V.O.Sukhomlinsky best reflex the essence and purpose of the City Festival of Chamber Ensembles "Musical Dialogues" initiated and organized by the staff of Odessa Art School № 11.

The festival is attended by teachers from the different Art Schools of Odessa. The aim of the festival is to inspire students with their own example to master the art of playing musical instruments.

The winners of the festival: chamber ensemble "Intrada" (N. Saakyan, O. Brovchenko, A.Kalutsky); chamber ensemble "Ad Libitum" (T. Lavrinenko, Y. Zabayratska, A. Kalutsky, V. Sokolov, O. Khilinska, A.Sheludyakov); ensemble "Tango for three" (M. Trykulich, I.Pogribna, O.Lysenko).