Category - Piano Solo Performance

1. In the category Piano Solo Performance take students of piano departments of art schools in the 3 following groups: Group A - up to 9 years (inclusive); Group B - 10-12 years; Group C - 13-16 years.

2. There will be 2 rounds: the 1st round being based on video recordings, and the 2nd being live in Odessa. The 2nd round is open to the public.

3. Each participant must complete and submit a completed application that clearly indicates the direct web address of their video submission of the 1st round program. All videos should be posted for judging on YouTube ( All uploaded videos must be viewable under the public or unlisted settings.

4. The Jury of the Competition appointed by the Organizing Committee selects on the basis of video recordings and decides on the admission of participants to the 1st round.

5. The Jury of the Competition evaluates the performances of the participants of the 1st round on video recordings and sends the evaluation information to the Organizing Committee by February 10, 2022.

6. Based on the results of the 1st round, the Organizing Committee invites the contestants to the 2nd round of the Competition by February 20, 2022.

7. Repertoire requirements of the 1st round. Groups A, B, C: 1. Instructive Etude; 2. a Solo Piano work by a Ukrainian composer of cantilena character. Duration of performances: Group A: up to 6 minutes; Group B - up to 8 minutes; Group C- up to 10 minutes.

8. Repertoire requirements of the 2nd round. Croup A: 1. Polyphonic work by I. S. Bach; 2. a Solo Piano work of your choice from the Romantic period to the present (duration of the competition program - up to 8 minutes). Groups B, C: 1. The first movement form/sonata-allegro form of the Classical period in Western art music in late-18th-century, Vienna (J. Haydn, W.A. Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven); 2. a Solo Piano work of your choice from the Romantic period to the present (duration of the competition program: in GroupB - up to 10 minutes; in Group C - up to 15 minutes).

9. Competition programs should be formed on the principle of contrast.